privacy policy 隐私权政策

有聲播放軟體, 需讀取手機是否處於通話狀態,用於將現有的播放程序停止,通話優先。所有過程,沒有收集用戶資料,沒有將用戶的資料向外部傳送。請安心使用。

The audio playback software needs to read whether the mobile phone is in a call state, which is used to stop the existing playback program, and the call has priority. In all processes, no user information is collected, and no user information is transmitted to the outside. Please use it with peace of mind.

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Audio Bible, easy to use on mobile phone, listen, read. There are daily plan of reading the Bible, which is convenient for listening according to the plan every day, and completing the plan of the entire Bible in one year.

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